School Districts

School Districts

Looking for online courses? Many school districts use ACE Digital Academy as a solution to budget cuts, reduction in force, credit flex, credit recovery, and as a means to provide enrichment courses to students. 

School districts also use ACE Digital Academy as a method to recruit students back that had previously enrolled elsewhere. ACE Digital Academy’s library of online courses allows districts the ability to customize their offerings to suit individual needs. 

ACE Digital Academy is not a School!

ACE Digital Academy is not a school, but an online curriculum provider. ACE Digital Academy works in cooperation, not competition with school districts to keep dollars local. School districts can use ACE Digital Academy’s courses to provide alternatives to students while the student remains fully enrolled in the local school district.

ACE Digital Academy Curricula

Educators will appreciate the strong “teacher” voice in the curricula. Each question in our courses includes a teacher feedback component. This feature of student-teacher interactivity makes our courses dramatically different from other online models. We have incorporated a personal touch, teacher-to-student, into our educational offerings so that students experience coursework as a maintained dialogue between teacher and student, rather than as an isolated series of questions with answers marked right or wrong.

Teacher Relationships

Our mastery-based learning model allows teachers to make corrections and suggestions to students within the lesson, to ask for re-do’s of substandard work, so that students may improve and resubmit work.  Students are actively encouraged to aspire to a high standard of performance as a result of their one-on-one relationship with their teacher. 

ACE Digital Academy courses are constantly being audited, updated, improved and aligned to the newest and highest educational standards. Our approach to education is dynamic, including innovative learning activities, multiple authentic assessment opportunities, diagnostic, standards-based proficiency testing and graphically enhanced tutorials that focus on building specific skills and knowledge in various subjects. Students who utilize the full range of offerings will be well equipped to progress through the testing process in any district and any state.


The regular occurrence of culminating authentic assessments—milestone assignments—throughout our curricula and the inclusion of assignment-specific grading rubrics not only makes the teacher’s job easier, but gives students clear instruction on specific academic expectations for each milestone assignment. We have found that the use of rubrics has significantly improved student performance in our courses.

Learning Management System

Another teacher-friendly aspect of our Learning Management System (LMS) is the inclusion of answers (on the teacher interface) for each question, a feature that shortens correction and response time for teachers and gives them the option to copy and paste correct answers from the answer key directly into the comment box for the student. Teachers will also appreciate the ability “view other answers” when responding to student work. This feature of our LMS significantly reduces plagiarism and sharing of answers among students.

The ACE Digital Academy LMS also functions as both a record-keeping and messaging program, providing everything the teacher needs to teach one or more courses to students.


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