A Customized Education (ACE)

With more than 300 online courses for grades K-12, a customizable gradebook,  flexible grading methods, internal messaging, built in assessments and more, districts have the flexibility to use ACE Digital Academy’s online courses to fit individual needs.   Plus, the entire ACE Digital Academy’s website can be customized by you to look like your school and include functions unique to your school, including logo’s, colors, school announcements, lunch menus, etc.

Create your own menu of courses used to reach at-risk, credit reclamation, special group students, early grads, alternative school students, or enrichment students, all managed smoothly in our flexible and easy to use Learning Management System (LMS). Our system treats each student as an individual, creating a true one-to-one relationship with the teacher. Because ACE Digital Academy is completely online, all users (teachers, students, parents, school administrators, etc.) can use the system from any location. ACE Digital Academy works great for both in the classroom and off-site situations. Students can start and finish anytime and proceed at any pace, you decide. You can use your own local teachers or one of our highly qualified teachers.

Take a few minutes to browse our website and learn why more and more public, private and charter schools are turning to ACE Digital Academy for their online educational needs.

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