Our Curriculum

Ace Digital Academy offers over 200 online courses covering core subjects and many electives. Each one year course contains 36 units, with a four hour workload per unit. Semester courses contain eighteen four hour units.Courses contain complete lesson plans, answer keys, assessments and a teacher response component for each question. Each unit represents one week in the traditional school calendar, and includes a built in test or quiz.

ACE Digital Academy courses are well directed for self pacing and independent study. Units are 'research based', encouraging students to find the information, not just read posted material. Our courses inspire students to become critical thinkers who view all sides of an issue and can arrive at thoughtful conclusions.

Educational Advantages

    • Rubrics
    • Milestone Assignments
    • Portfolio possibility
    • Teacher response for each question
    • Self-scoring / Autograded option
    • Colorful, interactive sites
    • Standards aligned
    • Completely web-based and accessible anywhere, anytime
    • Ability to view and compare with “other answers”
    • Answers to each question presented to teachers next to student answer
    • Narrative “teacher” voice throughout course
    • Grade calculation and record keeping
    • Lessons may be customized by teacher


English/LA (K-8th)
Health/Physical Education (5th-8th)
Mathematics (K-8th)
Sciences (K-8th)
Social Studies (K-8th)
World Languages (3-8th)


AP Courses
English as a Foreign Language/TOEFL Prep
English/Language Arts
Enrichment and Special Needs
Physical Education/Health
Post Secondary Options
Social Studies
Test Preparation
World Languages
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